If you have an old outbuilding that's been collecting household junk for years, you may have more trash to get rid of than you know what to do with. Keeping old junk you'll never use is a waste of space in your outbuilding. You could use your building for more useful things, or tear it down and make more space in your yard if you clean out all of the junk.

If most of it is several years old, it might be rusty or damaged due to heat, humidity, and freezing temperatures, so you may not even need to sort it. You can call a residential junk removal company to come and pick it all up and haul it off in a single trip. Here's how residential junk removal works.

Junk Removal Eliminates The Need To Rent A Dumpster

Junk removal is different from renting a dumpster that has to sit in your driveway a few days. The service arrives with a big dump truck to pick up all of your junk at once so it's cleared out of your way and you don't need to leave anything in your driveway overnight.

If you have a whole lot of junk, the service might need to make more than one trip if your stuff won't fit on a single truck. The cost is usually based on how much room your junk takes up on the truck, so if you have a lot of large items, you may need to pay for a full truckload.

The Service Provides Help With Loading

A big benefit of using a junk removal service is that the workers help load the truck. You won't have to do anything at all other than tell them what to take to the truck. They'll have the equipment needed to move heavy and big things that you might not be able to move yourself. This makes clearing out the building go a lot quicker so you stay motivated to complete the job and get the building cleaned up.

If the workers need to do work that takes a lot of time, they may also add an hourly fee to your charges. However, the fee is set upfront after the service checks out how much junk you have and the amount of time they need to spend, so you'll know the cost and agree to it before the work starts.

The Service Might Recycle Your Junk

Things that the service takes to the landfill have to comply with landfill regulations, so they probably won't take paint and other chemicals. However, they'll take old furniture, tools, and equipment, even if the items are rusted or have water damage. If anything is salvageable, the junk removal service may put it aside for recycling. This keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill and puts your old metal junk to good use.