If you have decided to rent a dumpster in order to manage your household or commercial waste, it's essential to think about where you'll place the container. Most people prefer keeping the dumpster on the driveway to avoid cramping their limited yard space. Besides, most companies advise against putting the dumpster on soft ground or grass. 

If you will place the dumpster on the driveway, you should find a way to protect the surface. This is particularly true if the surface is made of asphalt. Here are a few ways to protect the driveway.

Put Boards Beneath the Dumpster

Some dumpster rental companies opt to get boards for their customers. Ask your service provider if they provide plywood or boards for dumpsters. If they don't, you can get your own boards and place them on the driveway before the dumpster is delivered. 

The boards will protect the surface from direct impact, particularly when you put waste in the dumpster. This means the surface will not be affected by the container weight directly. It will also help spread its weight if you opt to keep the dumpster on grass.

Choose a Shaded Location

During hotter conditions or when the sunlight is bright, some driveway materials can soften or reduce their resistance to weight. Since dumpsters are heavy, you will need to be cautious to ensure yours doesn't cause permanent damage on the surface, like warping under the wheels. 

To avoid this issue, you can place the dumpster in a shaded area. Anything that will minimize the excess sunlight brightness and heat will help. Even a tree shade is enough to protect the driveway surface when the weather gets hot. 

Also, make sure the waste you place in the dumpster doesn't catch fire because the heat may spread to the container itself and scorch or melt the driveway material. The service provider won't be responsible because you didn't follow their guidelines.

Ignoring Rental Company Regulations 

Another mistake people make is ignoring the rental company's rules. For instance, restrictions on how to fill the dumpster are meant to ensure that the dumpster doesn't get excessively heavy. They know that exceeding the limits isn't a good thing. 

Overfilling the dumpster can damage the surface or make it difficult to retrieve it. Also, if you put prohibited materials in the dumpster, it can eat away the container and damage the surface. So, make sure you follow the regulations as instructed.

For more information, reach out to a dumpster rental company near you.