When it's time to dispose of one or two pieces of old furniture, people may feel frustrated about having to wait for a scheduled municipal trash pickup. Large objects might only be picked up a few times a year. Another option is dumpster rental. These individuals might not want to rent a debris box just for an old worn couch and nonfunctional TV set. However, the container can be filled with all sorts of other junk in and around the home.


The containers are available in a range of sizes so that customers can choose the best option for their needs. Before placing the order, the household residents will want to walk around the home, garage and any outbuildings to see just how many things could be thrown out.

Many people have a lot of junk stashed away that they never think about. This might include broken toys, cracked dishes, and rusted metal objects. Closets could be hiding torn, faded clothes that are not good enough to be donated to thrift shops. A linen closet might have towels too thin to even be used as rags. Old beat-up shoes also can be disposed of.

Recyclables and Trash

For convenience, most dumpster rental companies allow customers to mix recyclable objects with junk. The workers sort everything after the container is retrieved. Thus, customers don't need to figure out whether something is recyclable. For example, older plastic food tubs with no recycling symbols can be put in the dumpster. The workers know which types of plastic can be recycled and which go to the landfill. They also recognize when metal is too rusted to be salvageable. 

Container Placement

Dumpsters typically must be set in the customer's driveway or front yard. Reaching the backyard with a truck and flatbed trailer often is impossible because of trees or neighboring houses.

If these options are inconvenient, the municipality may allow placement on the street in front of the home for a day or two. Company representatives know whether zoning regulations allow this. They can apply for a permit if necessary.

Prohibited Items

Dumpster rental companies do not accept certain items. A representative lets customers know beforehand which items are prohibited. Food waste is not allowed, and neither is any food in bags or boxes that animals could break into. Rental companies also do not accept hazardous and flammable materials. Some do not accept tree branches and piles of leaves. 

Anyone wishing to rent a dumpster or roll-off container may contact a company for pricing or begin with the website.

For more information, contact a dumpster debris box rental service in your area.