Retail businesses often have a lot of products shipped to them in boxes and with packaging that must be removed before items go on the shelf to be sold. Dealing with all the trash from the packaging can be a problem, and you may want to consider a dumpster rental to handle the waste efficiently. 

Picking the Right Container

When choosing a dumpster for your business, you will need to consider the amount of trash that you accumulate each week. Finding a dumpster rental that is small enough to place behind the business or in a spot that is not visible from the front of the store is a good place to start. Keep in mind it needs to be large enough to hold all the trash you have for about a week at a time.

The dumpster rental company can help you choose a container if you are unsure how large a dumpster you need. If you want a smaller container, you can ask the rental company about emptying the container twice a week or more often than that if needed, but keep in mind that some companies charge each time they empty the dumpster. 

Hiding Your Dumpster 

Often, a business will put a fenced area around the dumpster to hide it from public view, and most dumpster rental companies are okay with that. Still, it is important to talk to the driver that delivers the dumpster about the location you are going to use. The driver will be able to tell you if they will be able to get in and out of the area without any problem and if the dumpster will fit in the space. 

Specialty Dumpsters

Dumpster rental companies often have some specific dumpsters for businesses that need something different from the standard dumpster. Often, a business with a lot of cardboard to get rid of can benefit from a cardboard dumpster that allows them to break down boxes and deposit them in the dumpster flat and an orderly stack.

Most cardboard dumpsters can not be opened on the top by the customer, and all the cardboard put in the container must be flat so that it can slide into a small slot on the front. This stops people from putting in trash and things that do not belong in the dumpster. 

The cardboard can be recycled, so when the dumpster is full, you can call the waste removal company, and they will come to get it and leave you an empty one. Some companies offer these dumpster rentals at a discount because the recycling income offsets the cost, so talk to the dumpster rental company you are working with if you are interested in a cardboard dumpster.