If your company produces a lot of trash, then you need a robust waste management system. If your current system isn't working for you, then you can change it by hiring a trash compactor from your rubbish removal company.

How does a compactor work, and what are the benefits of using one?

How Does a Trash Compactor Work?

A compactor uses some of the technology you see in trash collection trucks. It contains a large ram that squashes trash down when it goes in the bin.

So, you throw garbage into the compactor. When you turn it on, the ram compacts the trash to make it smaller.

In some cases, the compacted trash stay in the compactor bin until your contractor empties it. In others, the compactor puts the treated waste into bags that you can leave out for curbside collection.

Why Hire a Trash Compactor?

If you produce a lot of garbage, then you have to find ways to get it off your site as quickly as possible. If you use bags, then you might have to store filled bags until your scheduled pick-up day. These bags can start to smell; they are also an easy target for vermin.

Even if you use dumpsters, you might run into problems. Dumpsters can overflow, spreading trash around the area. People might rummage through them if you can't keep them locked. Again, your garbage area will smell and might attract pests.

Plus, your garbage might become a safety hazard. Wet garbage and spills can make surfaces slippery. People could fall. Any of your workers who have to clean up the area could be exposed to harmful bacteria and to accidents caused by handling sharp objects.

You can hire more dumpsters or put in larger models. However, this might not be cost-effective if you only have periodic overflow problems. If you don't have space, then you might have to schedule extra pick-ups. Your waste management costs will go up.

It makes more sense to hire a compactor here. The machine allows you to trash a lot more stuff before it fills up. If the compactor stores trash inside, then it is locked away. It can't spill out, and nobody can get to it.

Plus, a compactor is likely to reduce the number of regular collections you need. If you fill the machine less often, then you don't need as many collections. The fewer you have, the more money you save.

To find out more about trash compactor hires, contact local commercial trash removal contractors.