Household waste is something that will always be around in the world but is something you can manage with the right planning and knowledge. However, when you complete yard and home clean-up or demolition projects, you can still use local resources and services to help you reduce the impact on the environment and keep the landfill waste down. Here are some recommendations to help you in your project clean up after working around your yard and home while sustaining the environment and reducing landfill wastes.

Rent a Dumpster

Through the years it seems like your possessions and clutter can easily accumulate inside your home and even in your outdoor space. And when you need to clean out spaces inside your home, the refuse and waste can fill trash bags, especially when you are replacing flooring or remodeling a room. With all the discards during a project, you need a convenient place to store them so they can be easily transported to the landfill when you are finished with the project.

You can rent a large sized dumpster to hold all your discarded materials, even including large items, such as old toilets, shower inserts, discarded vinyl flooring, and an old countertop, as examples. Arrange for the right size of dumpster for the type of project you have for clean-up and the local disposal company can deliver it right to your property, placing it in your front yard where you can easily toss and move items into it. 

If you plan to discard large items that you don't want to toss over the sides, you can rent a dumpster with a side door access hatch. Open the door during the remodel or clean-up project and you will be able to carry items right into the dumpster.

Recycle Pavement

Some remodel projects will include removing old pavement from around your property. Asphalt, concrete, or paving stones are all the types of paving materials you can recycle to keep them from filling the landfill. Talk to a local recycling company about options to recycle paving materials. Some construction companies will take old concrete that they crush into chunks that they can use as a fill aggregate. And old asphalt can be recycled and used for a new asphalt mixture.

Paving stones can also be recycled in your own yard projects for improvement. For example, you can use old pavers to build a landscape edging material, or inset into the soil as a garden pathway.

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