Whether you just bought a home for yourself that used to be owned by hoarders, or you simply want to do a removal of the stuff in the basement and attic that has been collecting there for decades, you will want to keep reading. The following information will help you see just how you will be able to tackle this big home garbage removal.

Buy The Big Contractor Bags

There are regular garbage bags that are generally used in kitchens. Then there are the big, thick contractor bags that are much larger and a lot more durable. These bags will not be punctured as easily as a standard kitchen garbage bag. Therefore, you will be able to shove more things in there, making the total number of bags that you have to put out on the curb a lot lower. You should be able to buy the contractor bags from an online store or your local home improvement center.

Call The Garbage Company

If you will be putting out a lot more bags than usual, and possibly some furniture and other odds and ends, you will want to give the garbage company a call. The garbage truck that comes on your route may not have enough room for everything you are throwing out by the time they get to your house. The garbage company may be more than willing to take everything for you, but they might have to send out a separate truck to specifically pick up the garbage from your residence. It would be a good idea to call to arrange this as soon as possible so they can make sure to route their trucks properly.

Recycle What You Can

To try to help reduce the amount of garbage you put out, and to help the environment, you are going to want to recycle everything you can. Put aside anything metal, as that can be taken to the local scrap yard once the home clean-out is done. Wait to turn everything in at once because you will be compensated according to the weight of the recyclable metal.

Now that you have those few tips in mind, it should be easy enough for you to get the process started. Make sure that you are asking some of your friends and family to pitch in so you do not have to do it alone. Maybe offer to buy pizza and some drinks so everyone can be well fed while you all spend time together cleaning out your house.