Garbage is an unpleasant fact of life. The simple bulk of it can consume much of your time. You throw things into the wastebaskets, dump the wastebaskets into the garbage cans, and start the process all over again. Between the loading and the unloading of all that trash, you have to deal with the stench of old food containers and other smelly objects. Even if you are lucky enough to have a trash chute at work or at home, you still have to deal with the smell. You do not have to keep candles lit at all times; you can take other steps to rid your home or office of that trashy smell.


You have wastebaskets or trash cans in most rooms, and at least some of them are going to smell. All it takes is a misplaced banana peel to make an entire room stink. One simple solution to this problem is to add a dryer sheet to each trash bag that you use. If you want to be particularly thrifty, you can collect used dryer sheets from your laundry and use them instead of new sheets. Another idea is to use a small amount of baking soda in each bag to absorb odors.

Garbage Cans 

Dirty garbage cans are going to smell and attract flies. You must rinse out these cans frequently, preferably once a week. However, even basic cleanliness is not enough to keep things smelling fresh. Experts recommend that you use one of the following techniques. Sprinkle scented cat litter in the bottom of the cans after you rinse and dry them. You can also use orange or lemon peels for the same purpose. If neither of those ideas appeals to you, try using fresh coffee grounds instead. You'll be absorbing the odors instead of simply disguising them. 

Trash Chutes

If you live in an apartment building, you may be especially aware of trash chute odor but since these chutes are are often used by a number of people, you may wonder how you can help solve the problem. Your job is primarily preventative. You need to make certain that all of your trash is contained in sturdy, sealed trash bags that will not leak on their way down the chute. Beyond that, you need to encourage the building's owner to have the chute professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 

Trash is always going to smell, but you can help reduce the odors by using a few, expert, odor-eliminating hacks. A few minutes of effort each week can lead to a much more pleasant atmosphere at home and at work. 

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