As the new owner of a multiplex housing building, you may want to consider getting rid of individual garbage collection and instead provide a dumpster for waste disposal. This results in one flat fee, which can be rolled into the rent to offset the cost to you. The benefit is no more rolling garbage cans crowding the breezeway and easy garbage disposal whenever you need to clean out a unit after a tenant leaves. The following are a few things to consider before renting a dumpster.

#1: Rent or buy?

When it comes time to get a dumpster, you will need to decide between renting and buying. For most housing owners, renting is the better option. With a rented dumpster you get the benefit of customer service if there are problems, along with prompt repairs or replacements if there is a problem with the dumpster. The fee is also relatively low compared to the cost of buying. You can often rent from the same company that picks up the waste, which often helps lower the cost of rental.

#2: What site to pick?

You will need to give up either part of the parking lot or part of the landscaping to the dumpster. As a general rule, you want to site it as far away from the housing units as possible in case of odors. A far corner of the parking lot is ideal. The area should be paved and easily accessible by the garbage pickup vehicle. Choose a level area as well. If you opt to place the dumpster in a formerly landscaped location, have it paved first and make sure parking spaces won't block the pickup zone.

#3: Do you need a fence?

Many municipalities require a fence around a dumpster, and the dumpster must also have lids that are kept closed. This keeps moisture, animals, and people out of the dumpster. Even if a fence isn't required, you may still want to install one around the dumpster. This can discourage non-tenants from using it, even if the gate doesn't lock. Since some dumpster companies charge for waste disposal on weight, this is important. If you do opt for a locking gate and giving tenants keys, you will either need to unlock it on pickup days or provide the waste removal company with the key.

For more information on renting a dumpster for your multiplex, contact a rental and waste removal company in your area, such as USA Hauling Service.