Having new carpet installed is a great way to make any rental property seem much newer. It is a very cost effective remodel because the cost of carpet and the actual installation are relatively affordable, especially when you compare it to other flooring remodels. There are, however, some simple ways to make your project even cheaper, without having to invest in a cheaper carpet. The best way to drive down the costs of the project is to remove your existing carpet on your own. By doing your own prep work, you can significantly reduce the overall labor costs. Here is the best way to remove carpet from wooden and concrete subfloors.

Tool List

  •     2 Hammers with normal claws
  •     3 or 4 flathead screwdrivers (or chisels)
  •     Utility knife
  •     Pry bar
  •     Work gloves and knee pads are also very helpful

Pulling up the Carpet

Pulling up the carpet is simple, it just requires a little bit of elbow grease. First, you need find a spot to lift up from. You can try to pull up from an edge or cut a slit in the middle of the carpet and pull up from there. Using the claw end of a hammer (or two hammers at once), you can pull the carpet up much more easily. You will probably need to use the utility knife to cut the carpet into smaller sections that are easier to carry.

Removing The Tack Strips

Removing the tack strips is often harder than removing the actual carpet. To remove the strips from concrete subfloors you just need to hit it near a nail. If you strike the side of the strip with enough force, the nail will pop right out of the concrete. This will break up a little bit of the concrete, but not enough to be noticeable.

To remove the tack strips from wooden subfloors, you need to use the screwdrivers (or chisels). Hammer them underneath the strips, as close to the nail as possible, and then pry up. You might need to hammer a couple of screwdrivers in at once so you have multiple points from which to pry.

Once your tack strips and carpet are removed from the room, your new carpet is basically ready for installation. You might need to quickly vacuum the floor before the actual installation. In the end, you can significantly reduce the labor cost of your carpet installation in a short amount of time.Contact a garbage hauler, like Jim's Hauling, to tote away the carpet afterward.