Are you planning a big home renovation? Perhaps an addition or maybe a remodel of a kitchen or living room? While a major renovation may be exciting, it can also be complicated. There can be a number of moving parts that you'll need to manage, especially if you're completing any of the job yourself. For instance, you'll likely need licenses and approvals from your municipality. You may need to coordinate with your neighbors or homeowners association. And you could need to complete financing to fund the project. You'll also need to make sure your property is a suitable and safe work environment. Below are three rental items that will help you avoid further complications and keep your job on schedule.

Portable restrooms. If you'll have construction site on your property, this is a must-have item. You probably only want workers walking through your house when necessary, and only for things relevant to the work at hand. Workers will likely have dirty shoes, so they could leave a messy trail as they walk to the restroom in your home. Also, if you have a big project, you may not be familiar with every worker onsite. You may not be comfortable with strange people walking in and out of your home on a regular basis.

A portable restroom or two can solve that problem. You can have a rental company deliver the restrooms and place them in a convenient spot. The rental company should also be able to service them regularly or even replace them if they get too dirty.

Security equipment. Construction sites can be appealing targets for a wide range of people who you don't want on your property. That's especially true if you will be staying somewhere else during the renovation and the property will be empty at night. Criminals may look to steal tools, metal, or other supplies so they can resell them. Teens may view your empty home as a safe place to party. Vagrants may try to use it as shelter.

Fortunately, you can secure your property with a few rental items. A chain link fence around the property can be a great deterrent. The thought of climbing over a fence may be enough to keep many intruders away. Similarly, cameras can often be rented at an affordable price. You can then access those cameras online so you can always keep an eye on your property.

Trash containers. You can be sure that your project will generate a significant amount of trash. From demolition all the way through to the final day of work, there will be waste. The best way to handle construction trash is usually with a dumpster or trash container rental. The rental company can drop it off in your driveway or yard and can then pick it up when it's full or when you're done with it.

Do you want to be conscious of the environment? Try also renting a construction recycling bin for reusable waste materials, such as wood and concrete. You may be able to sell those materials or you could simply reward yourself with the knowledge that you're protecting the environment.

For more information, contact a company in your area that offers trash container rentals. They can help you find the best type and size for your needs.

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